We take pride in providing safe footwear for men and women around the world

Safe footwear - dedicated to women and men in uniform

Our mission is to create the most optimal conditions to enable performance, precision and professionalism to progress to a higher level. With great respect for the men and women who wear uniforms in their daily work, we work every day with our mission to support them in the best way possible.

Men and women in uniform often have occupations that are associated with great risks and responsibilities. We create solutions that ensure stable performance, a safe everyday and a life in which they can also function when they take off their uniform after end duty. Our innovative solutions and years of experience, enable us to produce products that reduce injury, increase performance and also improve safety.

Experience that creates tomorrow's footwear

2·Be is built on a foundation of forty years of professional footwear experience. The products that we sell worldwide, are developed in close cooperation with users and decision-makers from uniform sectors and industries. Furthermore, we have allied ourselves with Grisport which is one of the market’s best producer of professional footwear.

It is our extensive experience, and also our ability to develop in line with market needs, which has secured us the position of one of the most innovative suppliers of professional footwear.

And we dare call ourselves that. For we know that it is through innovation, detailed analysis of the user’s needs and close dialogue with our customers and users that we can create the products they need.

2·Be brand

The brand 2·Be was developed by the team behind Bjerregaard Safety. Through four decades

Bjerregaard has made comfortable and safe footwear available for the professional in Denmark. The success comes from a strong commitment to our users’ everyday lives.

No footwear makes the difference if it does not help the user in their everyday life. No professional footwear makes a difference if it only looks good, but does not establish efficiency and high performance.

When we listen, we become better

We are experts in our field. You are experts in yours. When we listen to your challenges we become wiser. When we simultaneously listen to your needs, and analyze them based on our experience and market knowledge, we can create the best solutions.

There is a difference between a day in the field, and a day at the office. Together we will design a solution that can accommodate both user situations. It is through this process that we ensure a good working relationship with the proper resources – and experts, who ultimately create the most profitable product for you.

Our production and green initiatives

2·Be’s products are manufactured in close collaboration with our trusted partner Grisport in the picturesque village of Castelcucco, at the foot of the Dolomite Mountains, Italy. The beautiful surroundings and the environment are tremendously important and we aim to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

The incredible landscape and beautiful open spaces create the perfect setting for how we think about green initiatives and sustainable production – two areas that we strive to develop all the time.

Solar energy and reduction of pollution

70% (about 850,000 kW/h per year) of the power used to inject the footwear comes from solar energy from the photovoltaic system on the factory roof – which covers approximately 15,000 m2. In addition, there is also 700m2 “green roof” to help combat pollution and create an internal micro-climate and mitigate the visual impact of the factory.

Working conditions

Grisport’s Code of Ethics, helps to ensure that the manufacturing of 2·Be footwear is committed to respecting the rights, work and dignity of the people involved on all levels and in all areas of manufacturing process. In addition, there is an effective traceability system implemented that enables us to trace back every step in the production process to help identify which materials were used and where they came from.