Securitas Denmark

Partnership since
Since 2013
24 different models

About Securitas Denmark

Securitas Denmark is one of the country’s leading security companies with over 1,000 employees.

Since 2013, 2·Be have been collaborating with Securitas Denmark, we have provided employees with work and safety footwear such as shoes, ankle boots and boots, as well as accessories in the form of socks and insoles. A total of about 24 different items.

What they say...

“It’s important for us that our employees have footwear that is comfortable and safe. Therefore, the development cooperation with 2·Be on model, 42824, has been extremely relevant for us. The model support precisely our needs and requirements. We, and our employees, are very happy and satisfied with the footwear and our collaboration with 2·Be – their service is outstanding.”

Michael Kaae – Branch Manager
Securitas Danmark

The challenges and result

The employees have different everyday duties that offer many challenges, both physical and mental. Their feet must carry them for long distances, and the work demands great concentration. Although they must travel a great deal, they must also stand completely still for hours on end. Both are equally demanding, and it is crucial that the footwear provides the best support for them – in all situations, in all tasks.

Another important area for Securitas Denmark is the safety of their employees. Here, too, footwear plays an important role, as proper safety shoes, and as a support that enables them to perform optimally at all times of the day. The pressure on one’s feet increases throughout the day, the many shifts are stressful and overall the footwear must be a supportive part in their versatile work. 

The challenge, therefore, was to create footwear that provided real support, increased safety and relieved the pressure on the, often tired, feet. It was these components that came into play in the when we, together with Securitas Denmark, went to Italy and developed the footwear together with our local production company. The fruit of that collaboration became model 42824, which is a shoe that provides good comfort, is safe and extremely durable.