The Danish Military

The Danish Armed Forces needed a safety boot that could satisfy the requirements of employees of the Navy, the Army and the Air Force in their respective tasks and situations. The boot should be the primary footwear for the personnel. The requirement was for good and stable support in all climate zones. A flexible and comfortable boot for all kinds of terrain and a boot that was easy to use.


We have developed a unisex shoe that can support heavy work, be presentable in connection with customer contact and is at the same time a shoe that can handle the Danish weather, which can be warm, hot, wet, cold and always changeable.

Estonia Police and Border Guard

The Estonian Police needed footwear which was supposed to be used by police officers with uniforms indoors and outdoors. This means boots with higher esthetic requirements.

Securitas Denmark

“Det vigtige for os er, at vores medarbejdere har fodtøj på, som er behageligt og sikkert. Derfor har samarbejdet om udviklingen af 2·Be modellen, 42824, der netop understøtter disse krav, været yderst relevant for os. Vi, og vores medarbejdere, er meget glade for og tilfredse med fodtøjet samt det gode samarbejde ”The important thing for us is that our employees have footwear that is comfortable and safe. Therefore, the cooperation on the development of the 2Be model, 42824, which precisely supports these requirements, has been extremely relevant for us. We, and our employees, are very happy and satisfied with the footwear and the good cooperation with BS and their consistently good service” — Michael Kaae – Branch Manager
Securitas Danmarkmed 2·Be og deres altid gode service.” — Michael Kaae – Branch Manager Securitas Danmark