Orthopedic medium


Every foot is different. That’s why, Bjerregaard in collaboration with  acknowledged orthopedic professionals have developed an insole-concept that fits your feet.
Get your feet scaned in-store to find out whether you need low, medium or high support.

EU: 35-37 | 38-39 |40-41 | 42-43 | 44-45
| 46-48

How it works

These insoles are supportive with ETPU material throughout the entire sole, which provides a softness to the sole, and results in less tired feet after a long workday.

Product data

  • Developed in collaboration with orthopedic professionals
  • Moisture transporting
  • Antistatic
  • eTPU material, the softest material on the market, which ensures a high rebound effect
  • ESD approved

ISO certifications

Our footwear is marked with European CE quality mark. This means that they meet the requirements of the current standards.